Vicky Ayala
Be on purpose. Live by Design.
Hola + welcome to my digital casa!

As a creative entrepreneur and visual storyteller, I created this digital space to share my quirky musings and amplify the topics that interest me and provide inspiration to other multi-passionate entrepreneurs who don’t want to conform in a box.

Vicky by Design is where I pique my curiosity for all things culture, travel, and lifestyle related.

Whether I’m getting lost in a museum swooning over Greek sculptures, learning more about how my own cultural background is relevant in my spiritual journey, exploring different cities and the magic they share with the world, or experimenting with different ways of keeping myself from going off the deep end with self-healing techniques – there’s a little something for everyone!

If you’re curious about my main hustle, by day I am helping others align and monetize their bankable hustle, over at the Sacred Brand Mastery.

When I’m not helping others shine, you can find me musing about the entrepreneurial journey as my¬†endless quest for the perfect chai tea latte sends me on quirky adventures with my SLR camera and Spotify playlists in tow. (Monster ballads + freestyle, anyone?)

This digital casa is currently still under construction so feel free to browse the archives and stay tuned for new postings as we get closer to the Fall of 2019!

where you have seen or heard me
Let's Connect and
Make Magic Together
I am open to collaborations, speaking engagements, workshops, brand partnerships,
and any other requests for world domination, ala Pinky and the Brain.

I am an INTP, Pisces sun, Libra moon, and Aquarius rising which means I know how to encourage your crazy dreams and  strategize a game plan with a touch of magic & a whole lot of Google spreadsheets!

So feel free to reach out when you’re ready to approach the entrepreneurial journey in a clever and creative way.

Socially Yours

I am socially active the most on Instagram and Twitter – in that order.

I use Pinterest like a creative beast but most of those boards are private so while you may see me perusing there, I can confidently say that it’s mostly to pique my imagination.

So if you want to connect with me online, let’s be IG besties, Twitter homegirls, or Facebook allies.

Willing to travel, because of course!

While I am currently located in the NJ/NYC area, this wanderlust chica is MORE THAN WILLING to travel, near and yonder.

I have a soft spot for warm weather and my Achilles Heel is snow. (No you cannot call me George!)

I love chatting it up, in a formal setting

I am available for any of the following brand + business shenanigans:

  • Moderating panel discussions
  • Participating in a webinar
  • Leading conversations on imposter syndrome, being multi-passionate, personal branding, storytelling, and the entrepreneurial journey
  • Teaching a workshop
  • Hosting a seminar
  • Speaking on a podcast